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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Germania.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of all the German tribes, which held the greatest in number?
(a) Chauci.
(b) Batavi.
(c) Suebi.
(d) Chatti.

2. The invasion of Italy by the Germans was __________.
(a) Sudden.
(b) A slow creeping progress.
(c) Expected.
(d) Inevitable.

3. How did Agricola's father get Gaius the emperor angry at him?
(a) He defied orders and refused to conquer Britain.
(b) He defied orders and campaigned past the Rhine.
(c) He attempted murder on one of his favorite Senators.
(d) He was famous and succeeded in life.

4. German strength in fighting was best seen in their __________.
(a) Courage.
(b) Infantry.
(c) Arms.
(d) Cavalry.

5. What special privilege did the Hermundui have in the Roman Empire?
(a) They were not taxed.
(b) They were allowed beyond the banks to trade inland.
(c) They were granted citizenship.
(d) They were considered neutral and never attacked.

Short Answer Questions

1. With which ruler did Agricola have the most tense relationship?

2. Of the following, which power did the Roman emperor NOT possess?

3. What were the Germans' choice of arms?

4. A toga for a Roman youth was equivalent to what for a German youth?

5. What would help a defendant of a crime if Agricola was the judge of punishment?

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