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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Agricola.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the battle against the united British tribes on Mount Graupius, how did the number of fallen compare?
(a) 360 British, 10,000 Romans.
(b) 10,000 British, 360 Romans.
(c) 1000 British, 1000 Romans.
(d) 500 British, 300 Romans.

2. In the Introduction, Mattingly claims the Germans needed what if they were to ever reach maturity?
(a) Roman discipline.
(b) A fierce ruler.
(c) A united kingdom.
(d) Power over drinking.

3. What was Agricola's motivation to conquer Britain?
(a) He wanted to get the emperor jealous.
(b) He wanted a triumph.
(c) Roman destiny.
(d) He wanted to impress his father.

4. Tacitus claimed Domitian was ridiculed by the people for what reason?
(a) His son was a coward in battle.
(b) A fake triumph in Britain.
(c) His wife commited adultery.
(d) A fake triumph in Germany.

5. Of the following, what was more resented by the people than tax?
(a) The emperor's power.
(b) The lack of citizenship.
(c) Occupation of the Roman army.
(d) Profiteering tricks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Agricola stand when fighting with his men?

2. What did Agricola not live to see?

3. How did Agricola take advantage of his first victory?

4. Agricola called on whose help to equalize the sword fighting skills of the British?

5. What was Tacitus' relationship to Agricola?

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