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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Agricola.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of the following, what was most upsetting for Tacitus in regards to Agricola's death?
(a) Agricola did not get to meet his grandchildren.
(b) No one was able to find the true murderer.
(c) Agricola suffered a long and painful death.
(d) He could not be with Agricola in his time of death.

2. When Agricola returned to Rome, why did he intentionally return at night?
(a) The parade was more fun at night.
(b) To surprise his wife.
(c) To avoid publicity.
(d) To avoid Domitian.

3. Tacitus felt what lesson was the hardest to remember in philosophy?
(a) Accordance between religion and humanities.
(b) Impartiality.
(c) A sense of proportion.
(d) Ethics.

4. Why was so interested in German culture that he wrote about it?
(a) He believed Germans would make great slaves.
(b) He believed Germans were desecendants from the same gods.
(c) He believed Germans had much to offer Roman civilization.
(d) He believed Germans were a constant threat.

5. According to a Caledonian, what kept the Gauls and Germans under Roman rule?
(a) The benefits under Roman rule.
(b) Lack of warfare experience.
(c) Indolence.
(d) Terror and intimidation.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Agricola's father get Gaius the emperor angry at him?

2. Which Caledonian addressed the British men to inspire courage against the Romans?

3. What was the outcome when the British launched a night attack on the 9th legion?

4. What was Agricola best known for?

5. How was Agricola's death received in general?

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