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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Agricola.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The British speech Tacitus paraphrased in "The Agricola" that was used to rally against the Romans can be summed up in which statement?
(a) The Romans are all bark and no bite.
(b) Action speaks louder than words.
(c) Show the Romans they are biting off more than they can chew.
(d) A house divided against itself cannot stand.

2. What did Agricola do in his first year that helped Britain appreciate peace more?
(a) Was lenient in giving citizenships.
(b) Did not always impose the emperor's laws that were harsh on the people.
(c) Stopped corrupt officials.
(d) Relaxed the presence of the Roman army.

3. How did Tacitus handle his political position under an emperor?
(a) Followed loyally, despite his own feelings.
(b) Believed in whatever the emperor believed in.
(c) Unwavering with his own stance.
(d) Usually manipulated the officials of the emperor to take his stance.

4. What lesson from others' experience did Agricola consider when he was victorious in battles?
(a) Instilling fear in the enemy helped retain control.
(b) Be prepared for a possible revenge.
(c) Injustice afterwards did not help the victory.
(d) He celebrated lavishly to show his power.

5. What was Rome's knowledge of Britain during Tacitus' lifetime?
(a) Complete exploration and knowledge due to Julius Caesar.
(b) Nothing more than there were peoples there.
(c) They believed Britain was part of Spain.
(d) Occasional accounts until Agricola arrived and campaigned.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Mattingly, what belief lies in "The Agricola"?

2. Of the following, what was more resented by the people than tax?

3. Before Tacitus' time, a person who wrote an autobiography was considered to be__________.

4. Agricola was brought up with an education in __________.

5. Who helped Nerva bring the praetorian guards to obedience?

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