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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Agricola.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Agricola's successes become so famous?
(a) Through Tacitus' writings.
(b) Trajan wrote a famous eulogy.
(c) Via Domitian's excessive praise.
(d) The number of archaelogical evidence of his forts.

2. How did the public feel about Agricola's role in Britain?
(a) They were in favor of his work.
(b) They felt he was a failure in his campaigns.
(c) They believed he was a puppet of Domitian.
(d) They thought he was too soft with the British.

3. What major characteristic did Tacitus note about the seas around Britain?
(a) The width between Britain and Spain was not as far as assumed.
(b) They were easy to sail and row through.
(c) They had a large expanse of tidal currents.
(d) They rushed to the ends of the earth.

4. When Cerealis became the British governor, how did Agricola prove himself to him?
(a) He was the first to offer himself in the line of duty.
(b) He always agreed with Cerealis.
(c) He stood up to Cerealis when he disagreed with a plan.
(d) He did well with army detachment missions.

5. Tacitus claimed the British military's strength was in __________.
(a) The cavalry.
(b) The infantry.
(c) The weaponry.
(d) The knowledge of the lands.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Agricola's third year in Britain, he focused on what in particular?

2. Tacitus summed up Agricola's features as __________.

3. What political harmony did Tacitus wish to see in the Roman Republic?

4. The British speech Tacitus paraphrased in "The Agricola" that was used to rally against the Romans can be summed up in which statement?

5. Mattingly suggests modern Germany thinks of "The Germania" in what way?

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