Daily Lessons for Teaching The Agricola; and the Germania;

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Objective: Introduction "The Agricola" and "The Germania" are Roman classics written between 50-100 A.D. Reading these books is reading history as it happened. The reader gains knowledge of Roman, British, and the German people as they were centuries ago. The goal is to understand the purpose of studying history.

1) 1.) Class discussion: Discuss the study of history. What is the purpose of studying history? What significance is it today? Why do people study the past? Why would people from America in the present want to learn about British, Roman, and German history as it was centuries ago? How can its study help politicians, sociologists, military services, or the average man today?

2.) Group discussion: Discuss how one studies history. How can a historian use books, storytelling, songs, people, and archaeological evidence. How did Tacitus learn and study history? How did he become a great historian? What did Mattingly...

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