The Agricola; and the Germania; Character Descriptions

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Tacitus - This son-in-law of a successful governor of Britain was a historian and teller of the stories "The Agricola" and "The Germania."

Agricola - This person was involved in military campaigns for the Roman Empire and an official in Britain from 61-84 A.D.

Domitian - This emperor of Rome was jealous of successful officials and known to make the Senate take actions against its will.

British Rebels - Enemies of the primary individual in The Agricola, these defied slavery and submission to the Roman Empire.

German People - Located north of the Roman Empire, these people valued warfare and hierarchy but had little interest in money, gold, or silver.

Fenni - Content with the simple ways of life, these people lived without home or horses and practiced absolute gender equality.

Boudicca - This leader of a united Britain revolted against the Roman Empire.


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