The Agricola; and the Germania; Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts


* Mattingly gives a brief history of Tacitus, the author.

* Then Mattingly introduces Agricola and his career.

* Mattingly speaks about "The Agricola" and how it is written.

* Mattingly critiques Tacitus' account of Britain before he gives another modern version of British history before and after Agricola.

* By Chapter X, Mattingly writes about "The Germania" and critiques how Tacitus wrote about its culture.

* Then Mattingly gives a brief history lesson on Roman history, including the Empire, the government, and the military.


* Agricola began with Tacitus writing about autobiographies and eulogies.

* Tacitus then spoke of the good state under Trajan and how horrible it was before.

* By Chapter 4, he introduced his subject Agricola.

* Agricola had a military background that dated to generations before him.

* Agricola had a successful apprenticeship in Britain.

* Agricola returned to Rome and married Domitia.

* During his praetorship, life in military was relatively quiet.

* Agricola's mother...

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