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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Tess hears that Angel asked someone to accompany him to Brazil, she decides to make a journey. Where does she set off for, and why?
(a) To see her parents and tell them she and Angel are separated.
(b) To her parents' house to make sure they are all well.
(c) To Angel's parents' house to ask for money.
(d) To Angel's parents' house to ask for news of him.

2. What does Tess do as a result of the altercation between Angel and the other man, in Chapter 32?
(a) Slips a letter under his door, telling him the truth.
(b) Asks Angel if they can get married sooner.
(c) Tells Angel she doesn't want him fighting on her behalf.
(d) Asks Angel to call the police and report the other man for slander.

3. Angel has hung ____ over the marriage bed.
(a) Roses.
(b) The wedding certificate.
(c) Mistletoe.
(d) Gauze curtains.

4. Angel's parents give him a letter from Tess. In the letter she ____.
(a) Tells him she is marrying Alec.
(b) Begs forgiveness.
(c) Berates him for leaving her.
(d) Promises to do whatever is necessary to win him back.

5. When Tess catches up with Angel and tells him she has killed Alec, the pair decide to _______.
(a) Hide in the woods until the search for Tess is called off.
(b) Run away to Brazil.
(c) Return to Sandbourne.
(d) Go to Tantridge so Tess can turn herself in.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Angel's parents read to him?

2. Who does Tess learn is responsible for the change in Alec?

3. Alec wants to marry Tess because ____.

4. After their marriage, Angel makes a confession about his own past, and an incident that happened in London. What does he confess?

5. In Chapter 47, Tess tries once more to get Alec to leave her alone. What does she do?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 44, why does Tess decide to go to Angel's parents, and what happens on her journey?

2. What surprise does Angel plan for their honeymoon? What does he hope to prove to Tess by this plan?

3. In Chapter 34, Tess finally feels safe in telling Angel the truth. What has made her finally feel sure he will forgive her?

4. Describe the scene in which Angel is sleepwalking. What significance does this scene have?

5. Describe the scene of Alec's murder.

6. Several individuals are instrumental in changing Angel's attitude towards Tess during their estrangement. Describe what they do, and Angel's reaction to this.

7. In Chapter 33, Tess assumes Angel knows about her past and forgives her. Why?

8. Who turns up in Flintcomb Ash with a message for Tess? What is the message?

9. What new disaster befalls the Durbeyfields in Chapter 49?

10. In Chapter 31, Tess asks her mother's advice about what to tell Angel. What does her mother tell her?

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