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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What job does Tess do at the farm, until winter arrives?
(a) Work in the barn.
(b) Work in the wheat fields.
(c) Work in the kitchen.
(d) Work in the turnip fields.

2. In Chapter 49, who does Tess learn has died?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Angel.
(c) Her father.
(d) Mr. Crick.

3. Angel accompanies Tess part of the way home to Marlott. When they are parting at the crossroads near Marlott, what does Angel do?
(a) Gives her a letter.
(b) Gives her money and tells her to contact him if she needs more.
(c) Gives Tess money and tells her to contact his parents if she needs more.
(d) Promises he will come back for Tess once he's got his farm.

4. When Alec appears again, in Chapter 47, he blames Tess for ____.
(a) Causing him to lose his faith.
(b) Driving him into missionary work.
(c) Causing him to become lazy.
(d) Causing a rift between him and his family.

5. What does Alec tell Tess in Chapter 47, when she refuses him yet again?
(a) That he is going to Africa to forget her.
(b) That he thinks she is being foolish.
(c) That he is her master, and always will be.
(d) That she is his slave and always will be.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Angel and Liza Lu leave the prison, they go up on a hill above _____.

2. Angel reconsiders his attitude towards Tess and his rejection of her, when ___.

3. Angel has hung ____ over the marriage bed.

4. Angel and Tess set their wedding date for ____.

5. While Tess is traveling through the woods on the journey she takes after learning that Angel asked someone else to go to Brazil with him, what does she find lying on the ground?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way does the last scene, of Angel and Liza Lu walking away hand in hand, echo Mrs. Durbeyfield's advice to Tess when she finds out she is pregnant?

2. In Chapter 38 when Tess arrives at her parents' house after having left Angel, what lie does she tell? Why?

3. In Chapter 39 what does Angel tell his parents about why Tess is not with him?

4. Describe the scene in which Angel is sleepwalking. What significance does this scene have?

5. In Chapter 34, Tess finally feels safe in telling Angel the truth. What has made her finally feel sure he will forgive her?

6. In Chapter 44, why does Tess decide to go to Angel's parents, and what happens on her journey?

7. Describe the scene on the day of Tess's death.

8. In Chapter 41, Tess encounters some dying pheasants on her way to Flintcomb Ash. What is the significance of the pheasants?

9. In Chapter 40, how is Mercy Chant described?

10. How is Flintcomb Ash described in Chapter 42? Why does the description also fit in with Tess's attitude at this point?

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