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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tess believes she is related to the D'Urbervilles at Tantridge by family ties. What kind of family ties exist between them?
(a) None, they have changed their name to hide how they became rich.
(b) Her father's brother married Alec's cousin.
(c) She and the D'Urbervilles are third cousins by marriage.
(d) She and Alec share the same great-grandmother.

2. In Chapter 25 Angel decides to go back to his parents' home. Why?
(a) To get away from Tess.
(b) Because his father is ill.
(c) To ask their opinion about his desire to marry Tess.
(d) To join the clergy.

3. What does Mr. Durbeyfield do after he talks to the parson?
(a) He goes back to the pub.
(b) He hires a carriage to drive him home.
(c) He decides to take a walk by the river.
(d) He tells his family he's rich.

4. Angel's father refused to send him to college. Why?
(a) Angel has rejected religious principles and won't be part of the clergy, so his father thinks he doesn't really need a college education.
(b) Angel's family is wealthy so he won't need to study for a career.
(c) He thinks college is a waste of money.
(d) He can't afford it.

5. What does Tess determine to do about the fact that the other dairymaids love Angel?
(a) Ask him to make a choice.
(b) Avoid him so he will spend time with the others.
(c) Tell him they aren't good enough for him.
(d) Ask him how he feels about them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tess proves herself to have a stubborn streak. In Chapter 8, how is her stubbornness shown by the author?

2. What do Angel and his father do at the end of their talk?

3. How does Tess feel when she learns that the other dairymaids are in love with Angel, too?

4. At Talbothays, Tess is supervised by ______.

5. In Chapter 12, what does Tess decide to do after she's been at the D'Urberville mansion for a few weeks?

Short Essay Questions

1. Angel uses the phrase "Three Leahs to get to one Rachel." What does he mean by this?

2. How does Tess deal with her situation in Chapter 13, when she is living at her parents' home, and is pregnant and shunned by the community?

3. Why does Tess go to work at Talbothays, and what does she hope will happen once she is away from home?

4. How do Tess and Angel manage to spend time together at Talbothays?

5. How is Mr. Durbeyfield portrayed in in the first chapter?

6. In Chapter 11, what happens between Alec and Tess?

7. What story does Tess hear at the farm that makes her resolve (again) not to marry Angel?

8. Why does Tess feel threatened when she first sees Angel at Talbothays?

9. What is Tess's reaction when Angel finally confesses his love for her?

10. In Chapter 6, how is Alec portrayed?

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