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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Tess is working in the fields at Flintcomb Ash, Alec appears and asks Tess to ____.
(a) Repent.
(b) Go to Africa with him as missionaries.
(c) Forgive him and forget what happened between them.
(d) Divorce Angel.

2. Alec wants to marry Tess because ____.
(a) He wants to convert her to Christianity.
(b) He wants to right the wrong he did.
(c) He wants to protect her from Angel.
(d) He thinks she loves him.

3. What is Tess's punishment for the murder of Alec?
(a) Death by hanging.
(b) She isn't punished, she escapes.
(c) Death by poison.
(d) Death by firing squad.

4. How does Angel react when Tess confesses her secret?
(a) Says the past doesn't really matter.
(b) Tells her he will forgive her but only if she obeys him.
(c) He says she is not the person he thought he was marrying.
(d) Forgives her, since her seduction by Alec was not her fault.

5. While the family is camping out of doors after they've left Marlott, Alec notices that Tess is not there. He goes in search of her and finds her where?
(a) In the church looking at the tombs of her ancestors.
(b) Looking at the carriage, to see if she can discover why it is an ill omen.
(c) In the church praying.
(d) In the field behind the burial grounds.

6. What does Tess learn about the significance of the monument?
(a) It is a commemoration to someone who sold his soul to the devil.
(b) It is a symbol of chastity.
(c) It is a pagan symbol.
(d) It is a symbol of Christianity.

7. Who does Angel meet at the D'Uberville manor house?
(a) Marian.
(b) Rhetty.
(c) Izz.
(d) Mercy Chant.

8. What does Angel expect Tess to do when she sees him?
(a) Ask him for a second chance.
(b) Tell him it is too late.
(c) Beg forgiveness.
(d) Welcome him back with open arms.

9. Angel and Tess agree to separate. What does Angel tell Tess when they part?
(a) That he hates her now.
(b) Not to forget him.
(c) Not to follow him unless he sends for her.
(d) That he will always love her.

10. Angel's parents give him a letter from Tess. In the letter she ____.
(a) Begs forgiveness.
(b) Tells him she is marrying Alec.
(c) Promises to do whatever is necessary to win him back.
(d) Berates him for leaving her.

11. In Chapter 40, who says "nobody could love 'ee more than Tess did! . . . She would have laid down her life for 'ee."
(a) Izz.
(b) Mr. Crick.
(c) Rhetty.
(d) Mrs. Durbeyfield.

12. How does Tess feel when she finds herself taken into captivity?
(a) Anxious because she is not sure what will happen next.
(b) Relieved, and glad, because she thinks she is unworthy of Angel's love.
(c) Terrified, she does not want to be punished.
(d) Rebellious, she thinks she should fight.

13. Alec tells Tess of a bad omen. What?
(a) The D'Urberville legend of the masked man.
(b) The legend of the cross.
(c) The D'Uberville legend of the carriage.
(d) That he saw vultures flying overhead - an omen of death.

14. Who tells Tess about the farm at Flintcomb Ash, and that she might find work there?
(a) Mrs. Crick.
(b) Izz.
(c) Rhetty.
(d) Marian.

15. Tess asks Angel if he thinks they will be together again after death. How does he respond?
(a) He says 'no'.
(b) He doesn't respond.
(c) He says he doesn't know.
(d) He says 'yes'.

Short Answer Questions

1. Angel decides to go to _______.

2. What does Tess learn from the person who visits her at the farm in Chapter 48?

3. In Chapter 52, Angel returns to ____.

4. Angel returns to the D'Urberville manor house, which is located where?

5. In Chapter 36, who says "I think of people more kindly when I am away from them."

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