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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Tess and Angel part, and Angel returns home, his parents are curious because Tess is not with him. Angel tells his parents that he doesn't want them to meet Tess yet because she is _____.
(a) Not educated enough yet.
(b) Pregnant.
(c) Unchaste.
(d) A liar.

2. To make herself unattractive, Tess _____.
(a) Cuts her hair and wears old clothes.
(b) Cuts off her eyebrows and pretends she has a toothache.
(c) Cuts off her eyebrows and her hair.
(d) Wears old clothes.

3. In Chapter 51 Tess arrives at the new lodgings to find that ___.
(a) They are rat-infested.
(b) They are not large enough for everyone.
(c) They are more expensive than she thought.
(d) They have been rented to another family.

4. When Tess hears that Angel asked someone to accompany him to Brazil, she decides to make a journey. Where does she set off for, and why?
(a) To her parents' house to make sure they are all well.
(b) To see her parents and tell them she and Angel are separated.
(c) To Angel's parents' house to ask for news of him.
(d) To Angel's parents' house to ask for money.

5. Tess asks Angel if he thinks they will be together again after death. How does he respond?
(a) He says he doesn't know.
(b) He says 'yes'.
(c) He doesn't respond.
(d) He says 'no'.

6. What do Angel and Liza Lu see from the hill behind the prison that tells them Tess is dead?
(a) A black flag above the tower.
(b) A black flag above the church.
(c) A red flag above the tower.
(d) Vultures.

7. What do Angel's parents read to him?
(a) A biblical passage about forgiveness.
(b) A biblical passage about the imporance of marriage.
(c) A biblical passage about virtue.
(d) A biblical passage about pre-marital sex.

8. In the last scene of the book, what do Angel and Liza Lu do?
(a) Plan a memorial service for Tess.
(b) Go back to the prison to take possession of the flag.
(c) Walk away hand in hand.
(d) Walk away in different directions.

9. How does Angel react when Tess confesses her secret?
(a) He says she is not the person he thought he was marrying.
(b) Forgives her, since her seduction by Alec was not her fault.
(c) Tells her he will forgive her but only if she obeys him.
(d) Says the past doesn't really matter.

10. What does Angel expect Tess to do when she sees him?
(a) Welcome him back with open arms.
(b) Ask him for a second chance.
(c) Beg forgiveness.
(d) Tell him it is too late.

11. In Chapter 52, Angel returns to ____.
(a) Tantridge.
(b) Brazil.
(c) Emminister.
(d) Kingsbere.

12. In the morning, after the scene in the graveyard, Tess and Angel travel to _____.
(a) Sandbourne.
(b) His parents' home.
(c) Marlott.
(d) Talbothays.

13. Alec insists Tess swear by a stone monument that she will not tempt him again. What is the monument?
(a) A Cross.
(b) A stone chapel.
(c) A crucifix.
(d) A tombstone.

14. Tess sends a letter to ____ asking for advice about whether she should tell Angel the truth.
(a) Her father.
(b) Her mother.
(c) The parson.
(d) Her sister.

15. When Angel and Liza Lu leave the prison, they go up on a hill above _____.
(a) Tantridge.
(b) Wintoncester.
(c) Winston.
(d) Wiltonchester.

Short Answer Questions

1. After someone close to her dies, Tess decides to move the family to ____.

2. Angel and Tess set their wedding date for ____.

3. What does Tess decide to do as a result of what she learns from the visitor to the farm?

4. Who does Tess see working the fields for her parents in Chapter 49?

5. In Chapter 48 who arrives with news for Tess?

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