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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At Talbothays, Tess is supervised by ______.
(a) Mr. Talbothay.
(b) Mr. Crick.
(c) No one.
(d) Mr. Clare.

2. Tess receives an offer of work at Tantridge taking care of the _____.
(a) Laundry.
(b) Birds.
(c) Children.
(d) Goats.

3. Who does Angel's family want him to marry?
(a) Tess.
(b) The Queen of Spades.
(c) Eliza-Louisa.
(d) Mercy Chant.

4. Who eventually baptizes the child?
(a) Tess.
(b) The kind-hearted bishop.
(c) No one.
(d) The pastor.

5. What do Angel and Tess find they have in common, that surprises them both?
(a) They both enjoy music.
(b) They both have religious parents.
(c) Neither one of them likes cows.
(d) They are both disillusioned with the world.

6. While the dairy maids are out in the pasture searching for noxious weeds, Tess feels faint. What does Mr. Crick tell her?
(a) To carry on walking, and it will pass.
(b) To sit down and rest for awhile.
(c) To have a drink of water.
(d) To go back to the farm and lie down until she feels better.

7. In the story that is recounted in Chapter 29, who is the main male character?
(a) Mr. Dollop.
(b) Mr. Swallow.
(c) Mr. Doldrum.
(d) Mr. Doll.

8. Where does Angel first see Tess?
(a) At church.
(b) At a dance on the green.
(c) At a picnic on the Marlott green.
(d) Walking home from school.

9. What does Angel tell Tess about Alec?
(a) That he has been run over by a horse.
(b) That he is a cousin of Angel's.
(c) That he is not really a D'Urberville.
(d) That he is a mercenary.

10. What motivates Tess to make a promise to Angel?
(a) She wants him to leave her alone.
(b) It wouldn't be fair to marry him if he doesn't know about her past.
(c) Angel asks her to make a promise.
(d) The other dairymaids urge her to do so.

11. Which character, introduced in Chapter 10, picks on Tess?
(a) The police officer.
(b) The Queen of Spades.
(c) The dark-haired milkmaid.
(d) Angel's brother.

12. What does Mr. Crick think made the butter taste unpleasant?
(a) The cows have been eating garlic weeds.
(b) The cows are nervous and are giving bad milk.
(c) The butter churn is not working properly.
(d) The milk is too warm, and has started to turn sour.

13. What objection does Angel make to the woman his parents want him to marry?
(a) She is not as virtuous as Tess.
(b) She is afraid of cows.
(c) She is not religious enough.
(d) She is too delicate and refined.

14. While Tess is at Talbothays, she is quite happy. What causes her happiness?
(a) She likes working for Mr. Crick.
(b) She is far away from Marlott.
(c) No one knows about her past so she feels renewed.
(d) She is falling in love with Angel.

15. What plan does Tess's mother come up with to help the family?
(a) She plans to find more work so that she can earn money.
(b) She plans to enlarge the bee hives so they will bring in more cash.
(c) She plans to send Tess to live with a member of the D'Uberville family in another town.
(d) She plans to get her husband to stop drinking so much.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes along just as a fight is about to break out between Tess and another woman?

2. What does Angel threaten to do if Tess still refuses his proposals?

3. How does Mr. Crick hear that the butter has a funny taste?

4. In Chapter 13, what does Tess discover?

5. Tess proves herself to have a stubborn streak. In Chapter 8, how is her stubbornness shown by the author?

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