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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 57.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Angel and Tess set their wedding date for ____.
(a) New Year's Eve.
(b) Angel's birthday.
(c) The next September.
(d) Christmas Eve.

2. When Tess leaves her parents house to go look for work elsewhere, what does she leave for her parents?
(a) A letter of apology.
(b) A gift.
(c) Fifty pounds, half the money Angel gave her.
(d) Twenty five pounds, half the money Angel gave her.

3. What does Tess's mother hope will happen once Tess arrives at Tantridge?
(a) She will save her money and help the family financially.
(b) Tess will get along well with the D'Urbervilles and they will like her.
(c) Her beauty will impress Alec and he will marry her.
(d) Tess will like it there.

4. Angel returns to the D'Urberville manor house, which is located where?
(a) Kingsbere.
(b) Wellbridge.
(c) Marlott.
(d) Emminister.

5. When Tess falls asleep in the leaves, what does Alec do?
(a) He watches her sleep.
(b) He wakes her up so they can go home.
(c) He seduces her.
(d) He holds her hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the murder of Alec, Tess and Angel take shelter where?

2. Angel tries to help Tess out with her chores. What does he do?

3. What does Tess learn about the significance of the monument?

4. Tess and Angel pass through Stonehenge, which is also known as _____.

5. Tess makes a request of Angel, in case something happens to her. What does she ask?

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