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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 47 | Chapter 48.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Angel meet at the D'Uberville manor house?
(a) Rhetty.
(b) Marian.
(c) Izz.
(d) Mercy Chant.

2. What do Angel and Tess find they have in common, that surprises them both?
(a) Neither one of them likes cows.
(b) They both have religious parents.
(c) They are both disillusioned with the world.
(d) They both enjoy music.

3. Who tells Tess about the farm at Flintcomb Ash, and that she might find work there?
(a) Mrs. Crick.
(b) Izz.
(c) Rhetty.
(d) Marian.

4. How does Marian react to the marriage?
(a) She tries to drown herself.
(b) She gets drunk.
(c) She refuses to speak to Tess.
(d) Quits her job and leaves the farm.

5. Angel reconsiders his attitude towards Tess and his rejection of her, when ___.
(a) An Englishman he meets in Brazil tells him he was wrong to abandon Tess.
(b) He hears that Tess is in contact with Alec again.
(c) An Englishman he meets in Belize tells him he was wrong to abandon Tess.
(d) Alec writes to him and asks him to divorce Tess.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Tess and Angel part, and Angel returns home, his parents are curious because Tess is not with him. Angel tells his parents that he doesn't want them to meet Tess yet because she is _____.

2. After Tess leaves for Tantridge, how does her mother feel?

3. In Chapter 25 Angel decides to go back to his parents' home. Why?

4. How much time has elapsed between the time Tess came home from Tantridge and the time she starts working at Talbothays?

5. Tess believes she is related to the D'Urbervilles at Tantridge by family ties. What kind of family ties exist between them?

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