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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 39 | Chapter 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Angel meet at the D'Uberville manor house?
(a) Marian.
(b) Rhetty.
(c) Izz.
(d) Mercy Chant.

2. Why does the character who picks on Tess do so?
(a) She doesn't like strangers and wants Tess to leave.
(b) She is one of Alec's former conquests and is jealous of Tess.
(c) She wants Alec to stick up for her.
(d) She thinks Tess is going to hit her.

3. Angel returns to the D'Urberville manor house, which is located where?
(a) Marlott.
(b) Kingsbere.
(c) Emminister.
(d) Wellbridge.

4. How does Marian react to the marriage?
(a) She refuses to speak to Tess.
(b) Quits her job and leaves the farm.
(c) She gets drunk.
(d) She tries to drown herself.

5. Who does Tess overhear talking about Angel?
(a) An unhappy customer.
(b) Marian, Izz Rhuett, and Rhetty.
(c) Mr. Crick.
(d) Mrs. Crick.

Short Answer Questions

1. Hardy's description of Tess and Angel likens them to ___.

2. After their marriage, Angel makes a confession about his own past, and an incident that happened in London. What does he confess?

3. What does Angel's father tell him on the walk out of town?

4. What conditions does Tess place on her agreement to go live with the D'Urbervilles in Tantridge?

5. When her parents still don't come home, what does Tess finally do?

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