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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 39 | Chapter 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Alec react when Tess tells him how she feels about what has happened between them?
(a) He ignores her.
(b) He pretends he doesn't know what she is talking about.
(c) He offers to marry her.
(d) He offers her money.

2. While the dairy maids are out in the pasture searching for noxious weeds, Tess feels faint. What does Mr. Crick tell her?
(a) To carry on walking, and it will pass.
(b) To go back to the farm and lie down until she feels better.
(c) To sit down and rest for awhile.
(d) To have a drink of water.

3. What do Angel's parents read to him?
(a) A biblical passage about the imporance of marriage.
(b) A biblical passage about virtue.
(c) A biblical passage about pre-marital sex.
(d) A biblical passage about forgiveness.

4. Tess considers telling Angel about her link with the D'Urbervilles, but decides against it. Why?
(a) She isn't sure she wants anyone to know.
(b) Mr. Crick tells her Angel has scorn for old noble families.
(c) She thinks he won't believe her.
(d) She is afraid he will think she is putting on airs.

5. How does Mr. Crick hear that the butter has a funny taste?
(a) Rhetty tells him.
(b) Someone stops him at the market to tell him.
(c) He reads it in the newspaper.
(d) He gets a letter from a customer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Angel hit another man in Chapter 33?

2. Tess appears to lose hope in Chapter 13. Why?

3. What is one of Tess's duties at the farm?

4. Angel and Tess agree to separate. What does Angel tell Tess when they part?

5. While Tess is at Talbothays, she is quite happy. What causes her happiness?

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