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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 49 | Chapter 50.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes along just as a fight is about to break out between Tess and another woman?
(a) The D'Uberville's horsemaster.
(b) Abraham.
(c) The Queen of Spades.
(d) Alec.

2. Tess proves herself to have a stubborn streak. In Chapter 8, how is her stubbornness shown by the author?
(a) She refuses to ride in the carriage with Alec, but walks alongside instead.
(b) She refuses to drive the horses, because she doesn't want to get dirty.
(c) She refuses to show that she is nervous.
(d) She will not let anyone help her with her luggage.

3. What does Alec tell Tess in Chapter 47, when she refuses him yet again?
(a) That she is his slave and always will be.
(b) That he is going to Africa to forget her.
(c) That he thinks she is being foolish.
(d) That he is her master, and always will be.

4. What does Alec do in Chapter 9 that Tess doesn't like?
(a) Tells his mother she is not working hard enough.
(b) Ignores her at a dance.
(c) Tells her she is not whistling loud enough.
(d) Hides behind the curtains and spies on her.

5. At Talbothays,Tess shares sleeping quarters with ____, Izz Rhuett, and Rhetty.
(a) Mary-Elizabeth.
(b) Maria.
(c) Marianne.
(d) Marian.

Short Answer Questions

1. Angel's father refused to send him to college. Why?

2. Why does Tess blame herself for the death of the horse?

3. When her parents still don't come home, what does Tess finally do?

4. Tess appears to lose hope in Chapter 13. Why?

5. How does Angel react when Tess tells him about her past?

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