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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 49 | Chapter 50.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Angel threaten to do if Tess still refuses his proposals?
(a) Ask her parents for her hand.
(b) Leave Talbothays.
(c) Marry Mercy Chant.
(d) Marry Marian.

2. What does Tess's mother hope will happen once Tess arrives at Tantridge?
(a) Tess will like it there.
(b) Tess will get along well with the D'Urbervilles and they will like her.
(c) She will save her money and help the family financially.
(d) Her beauty will impress Alec and he will marry her.

3. Who does Angel's family want him to marry?
(a) Eliza-Louisa.
(b) Mercy Chant.
(c) The Queen of Spades.
(d) Tess.

4. Why does Tess blame herself for the death of the horse?
(a) Her father tells her it is her fault.
(b) She caused the accident that resulted in the horse being killed.
(c) She thinks she shouldn't have taken the horse out in the dark.
(d) She thinks if she hadn't fallen asleep, she could have prevented the accident.

5. When her parents still don't come home, what does Tess finally do?
(a) Locks the other children in the cottage and goes to fetch her parents.
(b) Sends her sister to find them.
(c) Goes to sleep.
(d) Asks a neighbor to go get them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tess tell Angel in Chapter 30 about her past?

2. In Chapter 29 who tells a story that influences Tess greatly?

3. When Angel tells Tess he loves her, and hugs her, she makes an excuse to move out of his embrace. What is her excuse?

4. Angel returns to the D'Urberville manor house, which is located where?

5. What do Angel and Tess find they have in common, that surprises them both?

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