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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33 | Chapter 34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Angel is persistent in asking Tess why she will not marry him. What does Tess finally promise him?
(a) That she will give her blessing for him to marry Mercy Chant.
(b) That she will give her blessing for him to marry one of the other dairymaids.
(c) That she will leave the farm.
(d) That she will reveal the reason she can't marry him on Sunday.

2. What motivates Tess to make a promise to Angel?
(a) The other dairymaids urge her to do so.
(b) Angel asks her to make a promise.
(c) It wouldn't be fair to marry him if he doesn't know about her past.
(d) She wants him to leave her alone.

3. Why does Angel continue to pursue Tess?
(a) He thinks she is refusing because of the difference in class between them.
(b) Now that he's told his parents about Tess, he will be embarrassed if she doesn't marry him.
(c) He is used to getting his own way.
(d) The other dairymaids tell him Tess is just playing hard to get.

4. Who comes to fetch Tess and take her to Tantridge?
(a) Her brother.
(b) A servant.
(c) She takes the train.
(d) Alec.

5. Tess considers telling Angel about her link with the D'Urbervilles, but decides against it. Why?
(a) She isn't sure she wants anyone to know.
(b) She thinks he won't believe her.
(c) Mr. Crick tells her Angel has scorn for old noble families.
(d) She is afraid he will think she is putting on airs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who eventually baptizes the child?

2. In Chapter 13, what does Tess discover?

3. Tess takes a job as a ____ to support her baby.

4. After their marriage, Angel makes a confession about his own past, and an incident that happened in London. What does he confess?

5. What does Tess's mother hope will happen once Tess arrives at Tantridge?

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