Sweet Bird of Youth Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the opening scene.

The play opens in a room at the Royal Palms Hotel in the town of St. Cloud, somewhere on the Gulf Coast. A handsome young man named Chance Wayne is rising from a big bed in which a woman still sleeps, a mask covering her eyes.

2. Why does George Scudder come to visit Chance?

As the waiter leaves, George Scudder, an old friend of Chance's, pushes his way into the room telling Chance that the night manager had phoned him to tell him that Chance is back in town. He has to tell Chance to leave before he gets into trouble.

3. What letters does George say he sent Chance?

When Chance tells George he has come back to town to look after his dying mother, George tells him she is already dead. He sent Chance a letter, but obviously he didn't receive it. Chance admits his really reason is Heavenly. George tells him he sent another letter to Chance saying that she had undergone an awful experience because of him and because of that he should never come back to St. Cloud.

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