Sudden Prey Short Essay - Answer Key

John Sandford
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1. Describe the opening scene. Who is in the process of stealing a van? Who does the woman meet after the theft?

The opening scene takes place in a parking lot. Candy LaChaise steals the car keys of a clerk who has just arrived for work. Candy meets up with her sister-in-law Georgie and another accomplice, Duane.

2. What is the purpose of the theft? What does the trio have planned? Is it a new project?

The goal of the van theft is to provide transportation from a credit union heist. The group has committed similar crimes before and has been quite successful.

3. Describe the activities of each person and the props used in the crime.

Duane stays at the wheel of the van while Candy and Ginger prepare to rob the credit union. The women don nylon masks to conceal their identities. The women also carry guns.

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