Objects & Places from Sudden Prey

John Sandford
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Twin Cities

The nickname given to Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Midland Steel Credit Union

Site of bank heist of Candy and Georgie LaChaise, during which both women are killed.

Black Watch Cafe

Meeting place for Andy Stadic and Daymon Harp, located in Minneapolis

The Sandhurst Hotel

Hideout for relatives and loved ones of the police officers threatened by the activities of LaChaise, Martin, and Butters

University of Minnesota Hospital

Hospital at which Weather Karkinnen is a surgeon.

Snyder's Drug Store

Store where Martin and Sandy Darling go to purchase supplies.

Mall of America

Huge nationally known shopping mall located in Minneapolis.


Acronym for a highly trained police unit in Minneapolis.

Hennepin County Medical Center

Hospital to which wounded relative of officers are taken.


Large stadium in Minneapolis and site of showdown between Davenport and Stadic.


A white supremacist group to which LaChaise, Butters and Martin belong.

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