Sudden Prey Fun Activities

John Sandford
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Create a Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle using characters and places in the story.

Act Out a Scene

Act out your favorite scene with a small group. Choose a student from your class to represent each character. Explain the choices.

Do a Character Study

Do a character study on your favorite character. Give the reason for your choice.

Read Sandford's Biography

Read a biography on author John Sandford and his other occupation.

Start a Discussion Group

Start a discussion group about important books. Vote to decide on what kind of topic you want to use.

Watch a Documentary

Watch a documentary, program or movie that discusses serial killers.

Practice Observation

Part of the art of observation is looking past the norm and seeing things from a different perspective. Observe details in your house from various viewpoints to see if your observation skills change.

Draw a Picture of Davenport

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