Sudden Prey Character Descriptions

John Sandford
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Lucas Davenport

This character is a chief detective with the Minneapolis Police Department.

Weather Karkinnen

This character is a surgeon at the University of Minnesota Hospital and fiancée of Lucas Davenport.

Dick LaChaise

This is a rough character and member of a white supremacist organization called Seed.

Bill Martin

This character moved into adulthood an angry bitter man, full of hatred for government at all levels.

Sandy Darling

This character is the sister of Candy LaChaise.

Andy Stadic

This character is a cop whose greed becomes a fatal flaw.

Rose Marie Roux

This character is a strong, aggressive member of the police force.

Ansel Butters

Cohort of LaChaise and Martin, this character goes to Minneapolis to participate in the plot for revenge.

Daymon Harp

This character is a local drug dealer.

Jennifer Snow

This character is the mother of Lucas Davenport's daughter.

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