Sudden Prey Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Sandford
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Chapters 1-3

• Candy LaChaise steals keys to a van. The van is needed to commit a heist.

• LaChaise is being watched.

• Candy meets up with accomplices.

• There is a shootout. The robbers are killed.
• Reader is introduced to Rose Marie Roux, Minneapolis Police Chief.

• Rose Marie Roux worries about fallout from the killings.
• Dick LaChaise goes into a rage in his cell when he learns about the killings.

• LaChaise plans to escape and get revenge.
• LaChaise's friends find a dirty cop in Minneapolis.

• LaChaise escapes.

• Sandy worries she will get caught up in the escape.

Chapters 4-6

• Davenport learns about LaChaise's escape from prison.

• Davenport travels to Wisconsin to meet with the LaChaise family.

• Reader learns about the LaChaise family history including alcohol and physical abuse.

• Amy LaChaise says Dick will do anything to get revenge.
• Author gives background details on the lives of LaChaise and Davenport.

• Davenport...

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