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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Armpit say he'll never do again?
(a) Trust Ginny to keep her mouth closed.
(b) Take Ginny to a concert.
(c) Go to a correctional facility.
(d) See Kaira.

2. What does Armpit say Ginny cannot do?
(a) Tell Kaira his nickname.
(b) Tell Kaira his real name.
(c) Stay out much longer.
(d) Outsmart Armpit.

3. What gives Armpit great satisfaction that afternoon?
(a) Growing some squash.
(b) Pulling a plant out of the ground.
(c) Having a good conversation with his father.
(d) Making Ginny laugh.

4. What did the guys who wanted the tickets bring?
(a) A check.
(b) A money order.
(c) A cop.
(d) A counter offer.

5. What happens when Armpit tries to buy a newspaper?
(a) The vending machine eats his coins.
(b) He does not have enough money.
(c) He needs correct change and does not have it.
(d) He is refused service.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who appears and intervenes on Armpit's behalf?

2. What part of the tale about the concert does Armpit leave out?

3. Why does Armpit threaten X-Ray?

4. Armpit is reluctant to let go of ______________.

5. Who takes Armpit and Ginny to another place to watch the show?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Kaira take Armpit and Ginny and what do they do?

2. What does Kaira say about Armpit and Ginny's experience with the forged tickets?

3. Who is Karia DeLeon?

4. What speech does Armpit deliver using Coo as a prop, and how does Tatiana respond?

5. What happens to Armpit on his way home, and why does the incident not bother him?

6. Why is Kaira pacing nervously backstage?

7. Who is Theodore Johnson; what is his nickname; and, how did he acquire it?

8. What makes Tatiana decide not to go with Armpit and who does he invite?

9. Why does Armpit get angry with X-Ray, and how does X-Ray respond?

10. How does Armpit finally understand his economics concepts?

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