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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kaira preface one of songs?
(a) With a commentary about her feelings about men.
(b) With her farewell to the music business.
(c) With a dedication to Ginny.
(d) With a dedication to her deceased father.

2. What does Armpit say Ginny cannot do?
(a) Tell Kaira his real name.
(b) Stay out much longer.
(c) Tell Kaira his nickname.
(d) Outsmart Armpit.

3. What happens on the way home from school to Armpit?
(a) A man crosses the street to avoid him.
(b) He encounters his cousin.
(c) He slips and twists his ankle.
(d) He hears that there are too many concert tickets.

4. Why are there several street people waiting in the line to buy tickets?
(a) They have been given complimentary tickets.
(b) They are panhandling.
(c) They are hoping someone will give them tickets.
(d) They have been hired by professional scalpers.

5. What does X-Ray say to explain the tickets?
(a) He had already sold them when Armpit called him.
(b) He knew they would not throw Ginny out of the concert.
(c) He thought it'd be a funny joke.
(d) He knew Armpit would come out on top.

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of the tale about the concert does Armpit leave out?

2. Why does X-Ray say he needs more money from Armpit?

3. Who appears and intervenes on Armpit's behalf?

4. What gives Armpit great satisfaction that afternoon?

5. Who takes Armpit and Ginny to another place to watch the show?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Kaira pacing nervously backstage?

2. What happens when X-Ray wakes Armpit the next morning?

3. Who is Karia DeLeon?

4. What do Ginny and Armpit do after the concert?

5. Who goes with Armpit to meet X-Ray, and why does Armpit refuse to sell any tickets to the white guys the first time Armpit and X-ray meet up with them?

6. About what does the band hint to Kaira and what is her response?

7. Why does Kaira ride in the band's bus and whose music does the band play for her?

8. Who is Ginny and what do she and Armpit talk about when he gets home?

9. What does Armpit convince X-Ray to do despite what?

10. Where does Kaira take Armpit and Ginny and what do they do?

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