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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Mayor suggest about the police behavior?
(a) It was appropriate.
(b) It was expected.
(c) It was excessive.
(d) It was racially motivated.

2. Where does Theodore get used to digging holes?
(a) In horticulture class.
(b) In juvenile detention.
(c) In the cotton fields.
(d) In the youth Army corps.

3. What does Kaira want when she calls Armpit?
(a) Invites him to lunch.
(b) To ask his impression of the Joplin song.
(c) She does not call him.
(d) To ask Armpit about where Ginny lives.

4. What happens when Armpit tries to buy a newspaper?
(a) He does not have enough money.
(b) He needs correct change and does not have it.
(c) He is refused service.
(d) The vending machine eats his coins.

5. Why are there several street people waiting in the line to buy tickets?
(a) They have been given complimentary tickets.
(b) They are panhandling.
(c) They are hoping someone will give them tickets.
(d) They have been hired by professional scalpers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does X-Ray try to convince Armpit to do?

2. What is Coo's problem?

3. Who is Aileen?

4. What does Armpit think about as he eats his lunch?

5. What is Ginny's physical problem?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who goes with Armpit to meet X-Ray, and why does Armpit refuse to sell any tickets to the white guys the first time Armpit and X-ray meet up with them?

2. What does Murdock say and do when X-Ray and Armpit arrive at his restaurant?

3. What speech does Armpit deliver using Coo as a prop, and how does Tatiana respond?

4. About what does the band hint to Kaira and what is her response?

5. Describe the time leading up to Armpit and Ginny finally getting in their seats.

6. What do Ginny and Armpit do after the concert?

7. What is the election result and how does Tatiana console Armpit?

8. Who is Ginny and what do she and Armpit talk about when he gets home?

9. Why does Kaira ride in the band's bus and whose music does the band play for her?

10. What does Ginny's mother allow Armpit to do and what comment does she make that surprises Armpit's mother?

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