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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Armpit ask a man sitting next to him?
(a) Nothing.
(b) If he knows a good way to get out of being blackmailed.
(c) About earthquakes.
(d) If he's heard of Kaira.

2. Why does Armpit get beat on?
(a) Moses thinks Armpit was the brains behind the scheme rather than X-ray.
(b) Moses wants the letter immediately.
(c) Moses thinks Armpit snitched.
(d) Armpit is merely threatened, not beat.

3. What is Habib's alias?
(a) Murdock.
(b) He has no alias.
(c) X-Ray.
(d) Felix.

4. What does Kaira have to say when she calls Armpit that night?
(a) She is sending him some concert tickets.
(b) She apologizes for the lame letter.
(c) She is leaving her home.
(d) She wants him to write her a poem she can create music for.

5. What does Newburg say that spurs the suspect to talk?
(a) She gives information about Murdock's.
(b) She threatens to arrest Armpit.
(c) She threatens jail time.
(d) She says she can get him probation.

6. What does Kaira say she felt when she touched his armpit?
(a) Weird.
(b) All goosey.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Grossed out.

7. Why is Kaira crying in the shower?
(a) She is afraid of her stepfather.
(b) Thinking about what happened with Armpit.
(c) Thinking about doing any more shows.
(d) She feels lonely.

8. What does the suspect lie about when questioned?
(a) Knowing Ginny.
(b) Selling any tickets.
(c) Having an accomplice.
(d) Knowing Armpit.

9. How does Felix blackmail Armpit?
(a) If Armpit will sell him Kaira's letter, he won't tell the detective about the tickets.
(b) He will contact Kaira.
(c) He will talk to Armpit's parents.
(d) He will tell Ginny stuff about Armpit.

10. What letters does Kaira talk about?
(a) Letters from her agent.
(b) Letters from her fans.
(c) Letters from her father.
(d) Billy Boy letters.

11. What is Armpit doing when he notices a white woman at his door?
(a) Washing his dad's car.
(b) Washing Ginny's mother's car.
(c) Listening to his ipod.
(d) Telling Ginny about his lunch with Kaira.

12. What does Kaira pay the cabbie to do?
(a) Take them to a nightclub for minors.
(b) Take them on a tour of San Francisco.
(c) Lose Fred.
(d) Take them to the Golden Gate Park.

13. What does Newburg want with Armpit?
(a) To ask him the name of the scalper again.
(b) For him to come down to the station.
(c) To say they have found who cheated him.
(d) To tell him that he is a suspect in the scalping situation.

14. What does Debbie Newburg want with Armpit?
(a) To ask about Ginny's seizure at the concert.
(b) To get him to convince Ginny to go back to physical therapy.
(c) To ask about the concert tickets.
(d) To bring Ginny her assignments from school.

15. What is special about the room where Armpit is ushered to in the police station?
(a) It is like a jail cell.
(b) It has a table with coffee and snacks.
(c) It has a two-way mirror.
(d) It has a tape recorder.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is on the cheese platter that El Genius takes?

2. Who has been embezzling money from Kaira?

3. What does X-Ray reveal about himself to Armpit's boss?

4. What does X-Ray tell Armpit after Felix leaves?

5. What is the stipulation that Armpit puts on his telling Kaira his nickname?

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