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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Kaira join the band in their bus?
(a) She wants to practice with them.
(b) She is lonely.
(c) She is dating one of the guys.
(d) She has to boost their morale.

2. Why does Armpit decide to take Ginny to the concert?
(a) To see Karia.
(b) Tatiana backs out at the last minute.
(c) To cheer her up.
(d) To be able to use the last two unsold tickets.

3. What does Armpit impulsively ask Tatiana?
(a) To attend the Kaira concert with him.
(b) To run for homecoming queen.
(c) To go to the movies with him.
(d) To help Ginny win.

4. What insight does Armpit gain in his talking with Felix?
(a) Armpit's father's job is a dead end.
(b) Armpit does not need X-Ray.
(c) How the economic process works.
(d) Felix is the real entrepreneur.

5. About what are the two arguing?
(a) About leaving that night for the next show.
(b) About putting on another show the next evening.
(c) Whether Kaira should have sung the Joplin number.
(d) Why Kaira did not sing the Joplin number as planned.

6. What does X-Ray try to convince Armpit to do?
(a) Smoke some weed.
(b) Steal some electronics.
(c) Break out of detention.
(d) Go on a sure business deal.

7. What do Kaira and her band spontaneously decide to do?
(a) Let Ginny be out on the stage for the encore.
(b) Let Armpit sing with them.
(c) Fire El Genius.
(d) Sing "Piece of my Heart."

8. What is Ginny's physical problem?
(a) Cancer.
(b) None.
(c) Cerebral palsy.
(d) Spinal bifida.

9. Who is Aileen?
(a) The bus driver.
(b) Kaira's mother.
(c) The tour manager.
(d) The band's back up singer to Kaira.

10. How is El Genius behaving?
(a) Reserved.
(b) Nice for a change.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Obnoxiously.

11. What did the guys who wanted the tickets bring?
(a) A money order.
(b) A counter offer.
(c) A check.
(d) A cop.

12. What does Ginny say that embarrasses Armpit?
(a) His real name is Theodore.
(b) He is Ginny's hero.
(c) He was in a correctional facility.
(d) He is the nicest person on the planet.

13. Where does Theodore get used to digging holes?
(a) In horticulture class.
(b) In juvenile detention.
(c) In the cotton fields.
(d) In the youth Army corps.

14. What does the Mayor suggest about the police behavior?
(a) It was racially motivated.
(b) It was expected.
(c) It was excessive.
(d) It was appropriate.

15. What does Kaira want to know when the show is delayed?
(a) If she should try to intervene with the police.
(b) Why she can't go back to her bus.
(c) Where the fracas is taking place.
(d) If she is going to have to cancel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does X-Ray say he needs more money from Armpit?

2. Armpit notices that __________ is missing.

3. Who ends up buying the tickets?

4. Who brings Armpit and Ginny something to drink?

5. What does Ginny think her mother has implied about Ginny's father?

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