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Austin, Texas

This is the city in Texas in which Armpit, Ginny, and X-Ray all make their home.

The Duplex

This is the two-family dwelling where Armpit lives.

Camp Green Lake Juvenile Correctional Facility

This is the facility to which Armpit and X-Ray are sent to dig holes.

Raincreek Irrigation and Landscaping

This is the company for which Armpit works, and at which X-Ray eventually gets a job.

The Twelve Concert Tickets

These are the catalysts for the novel's primary exploration of one of its key themes which is the dangerous allure of money.

Kaira's Letter

Felix uses this object in a blackmailing scheme.

San Francisco

This location serves as a backdrop for the beginning of the relationship between Kaira and Armpit.

The Wellington Arms Hotel

This location is the setting for the rescues made by Armpit and Fred, the bodyguard.

Armpit's Sweatshirt

This is a gift from...

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