Small Steps Character Descriptions

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Armpit (Theodore Johnson) - This African-American is the narrative's central character and protagonist.

Kaira DeLeon - The real name of this character is Kathy Spears.

X-Ray, Ginny - This character is the slick, smooth-talking best friend of the central character.

Armpit's Parents - These relatively minor characters are nevertheless important, in that they represent the negative repercussions of past actions that the main character is striving to escape.

Tatiana - This character is a pretty girl at summer school who seems to be easily led by the opinions of others.

Felix, Moses - These professional scalpers have a classic brains and brawn partnership.

The Mayor (Cherry Lane) - This is a moral and eccentric character whose presence is very essential in the narrative.

Det. Debbie Newburg - This character is young, attractive, and sharp as a tack in their job.

Fred (Kaira's bodyguard) - This relatively minor...

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