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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the item Harper picked up at after the battle?
(a) He left it in a French soldier.
(b) He lost it at the surgeon's area.
(c) It is under a rock.
(d) In a puddle of blood.

2. What does Hogan throw into Kiely's grave?
(a) The coat of arms from the Real Compañía Irlandesa.
(b) A gold cross.
(c) Some dirt from Ireland.
(d) Kiely's sword.

3. Where do Sharpe and Loup meet to fight?
(a) In the middle of the stream.
(b) In the middle of the village.
(c) On the slopes overlooking the village.
(d) Almost at the French lines.

4. Why did people in the era of Sharpe's Battle pay money to insane asylums?
(a) To be able to hire the less insane people for dirty work.
(b) To watch the patients.
(c) As charity giving.
(d) To have better care for a relative.

5. Why are the Spanish partisans in Nave de Haver?
(a) To be the first line defense against the cosairs.
(b) To watch the southern flank of the British army.
(c) To scout the eastern flank of the French army.
(d) To protect their families.

6. What does Sharpe do when the young lieutenant is shot?
(a) Withdraws the lieutenant's men.
(b) Has Harper take him to the surgeon's area.
(c) Goes and gets the colonel.
(d) Regroup the men.

7. What does Kiely do when he learns about the change in his life?
(a) Quits the military.
(b) Kills himself.
(c) Fights a duel with Sharpe.
(d) Goes after Loup.

8. Why have the French called an unofficial truce?
(a) To decide if they will attack again.
(b) To study the British position.
(c) To rest.
(d) To collect their dead and wounded.

9. Who is Sir William Erskine?
(a) Sharpe's commanding officer.
(b) The commander of the siege troops at Almeida.
(c) The Spanish advisor to the British.
(d) An acquaintance of Wellington's.

10. What does Loup tell Juanita to do when they reach Fuentes de Onoro?
(a) To stay with the horses.
(b) To stay with him.
(c) To go near Massena so she will be protected.
(d) To sneak around the side and kill Sharpe.

11. Who helps the British drive the French out during the French's first attack at the village?
(a) Sharpe's greencoats.
(b) Hogans elite ranger force.
(c) The Highlanders and Warwicks.
(d) The Real Compañía Irlandesa.

12. How does Massena feel when the British in the south join the northern force?
(a) Defeated.
(b) Surprised.
(c) Smug, it was what he wanted them to do.
(d) Enraged.

13. Why has Massena given Loup the orders he gave?
(a) To keep him out of battle.
(b) To save his men for the final push.
(c) In hopes that Loup will be killed.
(d) To give Loup an opportunity for glory.

14. What does Sharpe tell Donaju to do?
(a) Pull the Real Compañía Irlandesa back from the heights.
(b) Have some of the greencoats go help the ones being ambushed.
(c) Get an ammunition wagon ready to go.
(d) Ready the Real Compañía Irlandesa for battle.

15. What does Hogan do on the way to Kiely's burial?
(a) Have Harper hide behind a wall near the grave.
(b) Stop and have a drink.
(c) Get Father Sarsfield to do the burial.
(d) Pull Sharpe aside.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is different about the way the Highlanders and the 88th. Irish attack the French on the slopes?

2. Why do some of the soldiers prowl through the bodies after the battle?

3. To what staff does Tarrant belong?

4. For what is Hogan irritated at Sharpe when Hogan arrives at San Cristobal?

5. What does Tarrant want Sharpe's greencoats to do?

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