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Augusten Burroughs
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Deirdre meet Cesar Mendoza?

2. What is Natalie's response to the abusive audience member?

3. What is Winnie Pye's occupation?

4. What does Augusten state hating about his relationship with Neil Bookman?

5. Which character graduates from college with a dual degree?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Natalie inform Augusten of while they are whale watching, and how does she prove her point?

2. What does Augusten witness on the last night before Deirdre is taken away by the police?

3. Why do the Finch family still have a Christmas tree in May?

4. What does Augusten explain has happened to Dr. Finch and Deirdre in the epilogue?

5. What are the consequences of Deirdre taking Cesar home with her from the mental hospital?

6. What happens when Natalie loses her earrings in the hotel?

7. What happens after Augusten becomes smitten with the boy from the convenience store?

8. What does Augusten remember about the Christmas tree that his mother brought home when Augusten was 10?

9. What does Deirdre confess to Augusten that drives a wedge between him and Natalie?

10. Who is Cesar Mendoza and what does he look like?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The story is ultimately Augusten Burroughs' account of his childhood. Compare / contrast the boy that Augusten is in the beginning of the novel with the man that he is in the end and give one example of a scene that irrevocably changed the course of Augusten Burroughs' life.

Essay Topic 2

The Finch family uses many methods to receive messages from God when they are stressed out about a situation. Compare and contrast the two methods of communication that Hope and Dr. Finch use to speak to God about their troubles, and then explain why you think the Finch family believes that they are in open communication with God about their trivial problems.

Essay Topic 3

All through his life, Augusten wanted to be famous.

Part 1.) Give three examples in which Augusten showed his desire for celebrity.

Part 2.) Now that Augusten actually is famous, explain how Augusten treats his family.

Part 3.) Hypothesize on whether or not fame and celebrity is what Augusten was hoping for when he was a child.

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