Running with Scissors Fun Activities

Augusten Burroughs
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Augusten admires his mother so much that he dresses in her clothes and emulates her mannerisms. Come to school dressed in a costume that resembles the clothing of someone you admire. Have the other students try to guess who you are emulating.

Poetry Reading

Deirdre Burroughs loves poetry readings. Gather a collection of your favorite poems and give a reading in front of the class.

Medical Diagnosis

Dr. Finch is quick to diagnose the medical conditions of many characters in the memoir, but he is never diagnosed. Do a little research and come up with a diagnosis for Dr. Finch's crazy behavior.


Many of the characters dress in bizarre costumes throughout the memoir. Come to class dressed as your favorite character and let the other students guess who you are trying to portray.

Hair Styles

Augusten has a lifelong dream of becoming a cosmetologist and spends...

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