Running with Scissors Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Augusten Burroughs
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Essay Topic 1

Augusten grew up with three central mother figures in his life: Agnes, Hope, and Deirdre. First, compare the mothering techniques of the three women, and then weigh in on which woman had the biggest influence on Augusten's life. Use examples from the text to support your claims.

Essay Topic 2

The medical practices of Dr. Finch are called into question numerous times throughout the course of the memoir.

Part 1.) Give three examples of times when Dr. Finch's medical practices were questionable.

Part 2.) Explain what you believe to be Dr. Finch's mentality behind those medical practices.

Part 3.) Weigh in on whether or not you believe Dr. Finch's medical practices were ethical, and explain why.

Essay Topic 3

In the beginning of the memoir, Augusten is filled with a deep admiration for his mother. Explain the way that Augusten viewed his mother when he was a child, and explain the...

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