Running with Scissors Character Descriptions

Augusten Burroughs
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Augusten Burroughs

This character lived a very tumultuous childhood full of obsessions before moving to New York City to become a writer who writes about many things including these memories.

Deidre Burroughs

This character suffers from mental illness and has several psychotic episodes throughout the memoir of agitation followed by violence, breaking objects around the house and lashing out at whoever is near.

Norman Burroughs

This character appears to be a busy and distant parent that misses out on many things, and later, refuses to take collect calls from their child.

Dr. Finch

This character is described as looking a lot like Santa Claus, is a doctor, and struggles to keep a house in repair - an early sign of the onset of mental illness.

Hope Finch

This character works as a secretary, suffers from psychotic episodes, and believes that the family cat, Freud, can speak in dreams...

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