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George Samuel Clason
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens at the Temple of Bel?
(a) It burns to the ground.
(b) The bells are ringing.
(c) People gather to pray.
(d) Great flames of victory burst forth.

2. What does Banzar tell everyone?
(a) We are all doomed.
(b) Run for your lives.
(c) The walls of Babylon should be enough.
(d) The walls of Babylon will protect you.

3. Who wrote the five clay tablets mentioned in the letter?
(a) Mathon.
(b) Dabasir.
(c) Arkad.
(d) Rodan.

4. How long does Banzar keep watch?
(a) For 5 weeks and 3 days.
(b) For 6 weeks.
(c) For 3 weeks and 5 days.
(d) For 2 weeks and 4 days.

5. What does the second tablet include?
(a) The story of Arkad.
(b) The amount of money that is owed.
(c) The names of the people to whom money is owed.
(d) The map to Babylon.

6. What does Dabasir do for Sira?
(a) Is her personal slave.
(b) Is her chef.
(c) Is her lover.
(d) Is her personal camel herder.

7. Who scoffs at the way that the farmers are plowing?
(a) Rodan.
(b) Mathon.
(c) Arkad.
(d) Megiddo.

8. When Dabasir is caught doing illegal things, what happens to him?
(a) He is made the slave of the Syrian chief.
(b) He stays in prison for a long time.
(c) He meets a new wife.
(d) He runs away from the town.

9. What is the name of the sheep thief?
(a) Rodan.
(b) Sirta.
(c) Zabado.
(d) Zaorro.

10. What is the lesson of the chapter?
(a) We can not afford to not build up walls.
(b) We can not afford to be without adequate protection.
(c) We can survive.
(d) We are just as strong as Babylon.

11. Why were these gold pieces given?
(a) For no reason at all.
(b) For good advice.
(c) For a holiday.
(d) In exchange for spears.

12. What do disgruntled creditors have to say to Dabasir?
(a) They never want to speak to him again.
(b) They are upset with him.
(c) They compliment him on his determination and his excellent plan.
(d) They want more money from him.

13. Why did Babylon endure for centuries?
(a) Luck.
(b) It wasn't attacked often.
(c) The army was really strong.
(d) Because it was fully protected.

14. Why is the advice in #112 given?
(a) To confuse the person.
(b) To keep the person from getting hit by arrows.
(c) To send the person away.
(d) To relay orders from the general.

15. Who is the recipient of the letter?
(a) Alfred Shrewsbury.
(b) Dabasir.
(c) Professor Franklin Caldwell.
(d) Bansir.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has a tattoo like those of a sailor?

2. What did the fifth tablet include?

3. Who gave the gold pieces?

4. How long did enemies circle the city before concentrating on the gates?

5. What is NOT an example of modern day protection?

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