The Richest Man in Babylon Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

George Samuel Clason
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is faced with the universal problem of not having enough money?
(a) Arkad
(b) Bansir
(c) Arad
(d) Shurru

2. Who is the friend of the answer to #2?
(a) Arkad
(b) Arad
(c) Algamish
(d) Kobbi

3. What does the Syrian man say to the group?
(a) That they are stupid.
(b) That they are very wise.
(c) That they are lazy.
(d) That they are procrastinators.

4. What happened to the man in the red robes when he returned to the city?
(a) He found the city burned to the ground.
(b) He decided to leave.
(c) He got lost.
(d) He found the gates locked.

5. What is the fifth idea?
(a) Give to the rich.
(b) Buy a chariot.
(c) Rent out your home.
(d) Own a home.

6. What is fickle and can not be trusted?
(a) Fate.
(b) The lenders.
(c) The banks.
(d) Destiny.

7. What is the example that Arkad gives for gaining interest?
(a) His agreement with the shield maker.
(b) An exchange between family members.
(c) The banker's agreement.
(d) Another person's failure during a loan.

8. What do Bansir and Kobbi wonder?
(a) Whether moving away is a good idea.
(b) If they should team up to start a business.
(c) Why some flourish but most struggle to survive
(d) How much money Arkad has

9. Where does the story begin?
(a) Bangladesh
(b) Assyria
(c) Babylon
(d) Constantinople

10. What was Arkad before his current position?
(a) A lowly worker
(b) A bread maker
(c) A slave
(d) A royal king

11. What does Nomasir resolve to do?
(a) To live by the Five Laws of Gold.
(b) To walk home.
(c) To get married into a rich family.
(d) To make better gambles.

12. What is the main lesson of this chapter?
(a) That you should learn to save on your own.
(b) That a man cannot achieve wealth on his own.
(c) That money is hard to accumulate.
(d) That money isn't everything.

13. Who does Arkad meet?
(a) Arad.
(b) Shurru Nada.
(c) Nomosir.
(d) Algamish.

14. What can Nomasir do when he returns to Arkad?
(a) Repay Arkad, plus two additional bags of gold.
(b) Beg for money.
(c) Reveal his new robes.
(d) Stay forever.

15. At the same time, what else should Arkad be doing with his money?
(a) Giving some away to charity.
(b) Paying off his debt.
(c) Spending it on betting.
(d) Counting it every night.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what does Bansir worry?

2. When gaming, who has the better odds?

3. Of whom does the person in #73 want to tell the story?

4. What is a word that doesn't describe Bansir?

5. What is the fourth idea?

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