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Short Answer Questions

1. By 1860, the Russians had been in Beijing for ____ years.

2. In which year was a letter dispatched from China to the US?

3. The Chinese learned to play the ____ off one another.

4. What word is best used to describe China's cultural and political situation?

5. Which country initiated the treaty?

Short Essay Questions

1. At its peak, what was the size and scope of the Chinese empire?

2. What does Kissinger say about the beginning of the decline of China?

3. What did China do to compete with Japan and Russia? When did the Chinese realize that they were not all powerful?

4. What was Kissinger's opening explanation of his time in China?

5. What did China do to combat the threats from the Europeans?

6. Discuss China's long experience with naval expeditions and exploits.

7. How does the existence and myth of the Yellow Emperor relate to the history of Confucius?

8. Abbé Régis-Evariste Huc made observations about China. What did Huc write?

9. How and why does Kissinger compare Confucius to Machiavelli?

10. How did China perceive Europe? What was Britain's goal?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Kissinger took his 40 years experience in working with China to present this book. Kissinger writes:

"This book is an effort, based in part on conversations with Chinese leaders, to explain the conceptual way the Chinese think about problems of peace and war and international order, and its relationship to the more pragmatic, case-by-case American approach. Different histories and cultures produce occasionally divergent conclusions. I do not always agree with the Chinese perspective, nor will every reader. But it is necessary to understand it, since China will play such a big role in the world that is emerging in the twenty-first century." (Preface, p. 11)

Why do you think the book was so important to Kissinger? Do you think it will change the American perception of the country? How can it help to bring the two countries closer together? How could Kissinger write about such a sensitive topic? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

What is your opinion of the history of China as presented by Henry Kissinger? Do you feel that Kissinger was able to be objective in his presentation of the historical and cultural facts about China? Do you think another person might have been able to present the history in a more objective light? Would the history be as accurate? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

The United Nations was formed to work as an intermediary between countries and to create a body through which these countries could communicate and, hopefully, cooperate on global issues. Write an essay on the United Nations, its role in Sino and United States negotiations and how it has changed since its inception.

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