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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long had the conflict been going on?
(a) 60 years.
(b) 70 years.
(c) 40 years.
(d) 50 years.

2. Which method is used to translate Chinese close to the Roman alphabet?
(a) Anglo-Roman.
(b) Pinyin.
(c) Confucian.
(d) Wade-Giles.

3. Kissinger compares the unification to which European treaty in 1648?
(a) Treaty of Westphalia.
(b) Treaty of Berlin.
(c) Treaty of Kensington.
(d) Treaty of Paris.

4. The ministry's new name translated into:
(a) Office for the General Supervision of Ambassadorships.
(b) Office for the General Management of Diplomacy.
(c) Office for the General Management of the Affairs of All Nations.
(d) Office for the International Trade.

5. Which country was not referred to in this plan?
(a) U.S.
(b) Burma.
(c) Thailand.
(d) South Korea.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the time period of the Song Dynasty?

2. In which year was a letter dispatched from China to the US?

3. How many times has Kissinger visited China?

4. The Count managed to open Urga, which is located in which region?

5. China has produced a greater share of total world GDP than any Western civilization in ____ of the last 20 centuries.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Kissinger say about the beginning of the decline of China?

2. How did China's actions change in time of decline versus a period of resurgence?

3. What was the Taiping Rebellion? When did it take place?

4. In 1965, Mao began to show a change in attitude toward America. What does Kissinger say about Mao's new stance?

5. Abbé Régis-Evariste Huc made observations about China. What did Huc write?

6. What did Kissinger say about his first meeting with Mao?

7. How did China perceive Europe? What was Britain's goal?

8. The Chinese are very involved in strategy. Examine the Chinese use of strategy and the types of games in which it is employed.

9. Who was Fang Lizhi? What was his role in politics?

10. What changed in Russia in the mid-1950s? What caused the change?

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