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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What item did China export to Russia?
(a) Grain.
(b) Rice.
(c) Corn.
(d) Wine.

2. At the end of the ___ War, it was expected that Mao might seek respite.
(a) First World.
(b) Second World.
(c) Korean.
(d) Vietnam.

3. What was Mao's title?
(a) Chairman.
(b) President.
(c) Premier.
(d) Emperor.

4. Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal _____ had a cultural and sentimental interest in Tibet.
(a) Bhavan.
(b) Gandhi.
(c) Patil.
(d) Nehru.

5. Zhou was a die-hard Mao loyalist for ___ years.
(a) 20.
(b) 30.
(c) 50.
(d) 40.

6. Drew Middleton worked for which newspaper?
(a) Moscow Daily.
(b) Washington Post.
(c) New York Times.
(d) Beijing Times.

7. In Indochina, the French colonial project left all but which country with contested borders?
(a) Cambodia.
(b) Laos.
(c) Thailand.
(d) North Vietnam.

8. Who was Zhang Chunqiao?
(a) Judge.
(b) Negotiator.
(c) Translator.
(d) Journalist.

9. The _____ Military Commission was responsible for ordering an end to Chinese withdrawals.
(a) Interim.
(b) Northern.
(c) Chinese.
(d) Central.

10. What animal is mentioned in conjunction with the Third Vietnam War?
(a) Monkey.
(b) Bear.
(c) Wolf.
(d) Tiger.

11. China classified American as a capitalist-______ society.
(a) Imperialist.
(b) Communist.
(c) Liberal.
(d) Socialist.

12. Lu Hsing-chi said that the country was in a(n) ____ condition.
(a) Authoritarian.
(b) Precarious.
(c) Traumatic.
(d) Enfeebled.

13. At that time ____ was considered to be out of fashion.
(a) Diplomacy.
(b) War.
(c) International trade.
(d) Communism.

14. In 1967 Nixon published an article in which publication?
(a) Wall Street Journal.
(b) Newsweek.
(c) Time.
(d) Foreign Affairs.

15. The Gang of ___ wanted to turn inward to gain new leadership.
(a) Emperors.
(b) Thieves.
(c) Four.
(d) Purists.

Short Answer Questions

1. The move by the _____ Fleet was considered to be a major offensive.

2. Vietnamese troops had infiltrated which location?

3. Mao's forces faced America in the ____ Strait.

4. The developing world was part of the ___ World(s) theory.

5. Which was not address as being one of the four key sectors?

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