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Read Confucius' Proverbs

Read Confucius' proverbs to better understand his point of view on harmonious living and existence.

Create a Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle based upon the information used in the text thus far. Use a theme if possible.

Create a Uniform

Create a uniform that might have been worn by ancient Chinese soldiers.

Draw a Sketch

Draw a sketch of the Yellow Emperor. Keep in mind the status of the Emperor and the time period in which he supposedly lived.

Learn Chinese

Learn how to say your name in Chinese. You may also choose to learn some common words and phrases that might be helpful when traveling.

Learn about Ancient Navigation

Research antique navigational tools and methods. Create a collage or chart showing at least five tools or methods plus descriptions and explanations of their usage.

Create a Headline

Create a headline for a newspaper...

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