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Short Answer Questions

1. An individual is justified in being what according to the law of heightened consciousness?

2. What does the writer say is the result of consciousness?

3. What would a content man do to rebel against the laws of nature?

4. What does the writer suggest is the result of these feelings about the wall?

5. The writer discusses a pleasure that comes from his illness. From where does the pleasure stem?

Short Essay Questions

1. In a discussion about his illness, the writer talks about his superstitions. What is he superstitious about and what does he say about these superstitions?

2. How does the writer continue to explain a man of action's seemingly dull-witted actions and justifications?

3. Discuss the writer's profession and his feelings about his work.

4. Why does the writer think man sometimes desires nonsense?

5. How does the writer explain the reason for man of action being a dull-witted person?

6. How does the writer describe his servant?

7. In Part 1, Chapter 8, the writer attributes many qualities to mankind. Does he finish with any specific conclusion of man, and if so ,what?

8. What does the writer say about the families of men who continually groan with pain?

9. What does the writer state these men think about their own groaning?

10. According to the writer, what is the difference between reason and desire?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The writer states that there are some things a man cannot tell his closest friends and even some things that man cannot be honest about with himself. He then comments that he will try to be honest when writing his notes. Do you think the writer is truly honest with himself throughout the entire book?

If yes, explain your answer. If no, does the writer ever become fully honest with himself and, if so, at what point?

Essay Topic 2

At the beginning of the book, Dostoevsky states that the narrator is fictional. Do you think he is truly fictional or could he possible represent Dostoevsky? Support your answer with evidence from the book and what you've learned about Dostoevsky personally.

Essay Topic 3

When the writer wakes up next to Liza, he is disgusted and begins to yell at her. Discuss this tirade. Do you think he is disgusted at Liza because she is a prostitute or at himself? What is the result of the writer's tirade?

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