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Short Answer Questions

1. Why would the writer confess to wrongdoing when he is innocent?

2. What does the writer say a man can do with no primary cause for action?

3. What does the writer say man is in the eyes of nature?

4. How does the writer describe the current state of the world?

5. When would a man stop his vile nature?

Short Essay Questions

1. The writer expresses his feelings on why the reader may think he is writing about men of action. What does he say about what the reader may think of his writings?

2. What does the writer say about the laws of nature with regard to mankind?

3. Who does the writer state is the antithesis of a normal person?

4. What type of man makes the writer envious?

5. Who does the writer say will submit to the wall?

6. In the beginning of Part 1, Chapter 3, the writer poses a question about revenge. How does he state that men are able to take revenge on another?

7. How does the writer explain the reason for man of action being a dull-witted person?

8. Why does the writer feel men take revenge?

9. How does the writer continue to explain a man of action's seemingly dull-witted actions and justifications?

10. How does the writer feel about this excuse for revenge and what justification does he state would lead his to revenge?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Based on the writer's interactions with others, do you think he is respected? Why or why not? Explain your answer.

Essay Topic 2

In Part 1, Chapter 6, the reader further learns that the author lives in self pity and loathing. Discuss how this way of life has affected him in terms of his work life, love life, and social life.

Essay Topic 3

The writer discusses men of action. What does he say about men of action? How does he feel about these men? Does he think of himself as a man of action? Why or why not?

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