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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II: Chapters I, II and III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why would the writer lower his eyes when he comes in contact with the office clerks?
(a) He finds them hideous.
(b) He feels they re superior to him.
(c) He feels ashamed.
(d) Out of respect.

2. What does the writer think a man of action does when faced with a wall?
(a) Changes his approach.
(b) Gives up.
(c) Finds a solution.
(d) Seeks assistance.

3. In Part I, Chapter 1, what does the writer say about himself?
(a) He is a highly educated person.
(b) He is a person of great wealth.
(c) He is a real person.
(d) He is fictional.

4. The writer describes a man who knew every thing about Chateau-Lafite. How does the writer say this man dies?
(a) Peacefully.
(b) A lonely man.
(c) With regrets.
(d) With a triumphant conscience.

5. Why does the writer say a man cannot change, even if he tries?
(a) Man does not have the willpower.
(b) A man cannot change what is in his heart.
(c) His pride would take over.
(d) There is nothing to change into.

Short Answer Questions

1. During this time in the writer's life, he states that he is tormented. Why is he tormented?

2. Although the writer states that he eventually begins to believe certain things about his illness, how does he feel about it in the beginning?

3. How does the writer describe his personality in his previous profession?

4. What does the writer state would be his primary cause for any action?

5. Who does the writer say would not understand the feelings of men about their decisions?

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