Notes from the Underground Character Descriptions

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The writer

The "nameless narrator" of Notes from the Underground. Some readers and critics refer to him as "the Underground Man".


This character is first encountered in the house of prostitution.


This character is the narrator's servant.

Anton Antonych Setochkin

This character serves as the narrator's office chief.

The Officer

This person stands in the narrator's path and moves him to the side, seemingly with no thought. This angers the narrator.


This character, a former schoolmate, is the one person the narrator feels comfortable to occasionally visit, although he notes that there are times when he's not at all certain he's welcome.


This person is another former schoolmate of the narrator. Their relationship, however, is often strained.

The Friend

This person is the "collective personage" described by Dostoevsky. This character explains how everything must be done with "truth and reason" as a guide, but...

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