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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Garbo?

2. In "Steak and Chips," the author compares steak to what?

3. What food is Einstein's mental process compared to making in "The Brain of Einstein"?

4. What film is mentioned in "The Face of Garbo"?

5. How is the following quote from "The Poor and the Proletariat" finished: "the proletarian is still the man who is ______"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is particularly special of the "Jet-Man"?

2. What is the significance of eating steak rare in "Steak and Chips"?

3. What is the opposite of "The Nautilus"?

4. What is the literary device Verne created?

5. Who is the writer discussed in "The Nautilus and the Drunken Boat"? What is Barthes opinion of this writer's ambitions?

6. How was Dominici convicted of his crime in "Dominici, or the Triumph of Literature"?

7. How does the author introduce holidays in "The Writer on Holiday"?

8. What does the author note is the difference between cartoons and photographs of Einstein? What is the significance of Einstein being featured in cartoons?

9. "Hitch the greatness of the former to the triumph of the latter." To what does this quote from "Operation Margarine" apply?

10. How does royalty dress in "The 'Blue Blood' Cruise"? What does this say of the royal families?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What was relevant of "The 'Blue Blood' Cruise?" How is the attitude of the royalty the same as the attitude of common people? What does this attitude say of the royalty who holds it? What does the connection between royalty and the common people because of this attitude suggest of humanity?

Essay Topic 2

Where can mythology be seen in the mundane (Think "Soap Powders and Detergents.")? How is using myths for everyday products/issues important/irrelevant in your opinion? What does doing so mean of the people who do it?

Essay Topic 3

How does modern culture create superficial notions in its art? What does this suggest of the world that creates this art? How is it different than art of the past?

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