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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 1, Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sort of wrestling does the author define as portraying the ongoing battles between character types in, "The World of Wrestling"?
(a) American wrestling.
(b) French wrestling.
(c) British wrestling.
(d) Russian wrestling.

2. How old is the subject of the trial in "Dominici, or the Triumph of Literature"?
(a) Forty.
(b) Twenty.
(c) Eighty.
(d) Sixty.

3. Which two organizations are referred to in "Operation Margarine"?
(a) The Police and the Army.
(b) The Navy and the Court.
(c) The Church and the Government.
(d) The Army and the Church.

4. What time do the royals wake up to mock the working class in "The 'Blue Blood' Cruise"?
(a) 6 a.m.
(b) 7 a.m.
(c) 4:30 a.m.
(d) 5 a.m.

5. What is the first sign of "The Romans in Films"?
(a) Clothing.
(b) Sweat.
(c) Skin color.
(d) Hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. The author argues that French toys "are meant to produce children who are users, not ____." How is this quote finished?

2. What river is referenced in the first sentence of "The Writer on Holiday?"

3. Who is the actor the author focuses on in "The Poor and the Proletariat"?

4. Which of the following is not another "great spectacle" the author mentions in "The World of Wrestling"?

5. Which types of toys is the author more fond of?

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