Mythologies Character Descriptions

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The Author

Said to be "the leading exponent of semiology, the science of signs and symbols." This character is, in other words, a leading interpreter of myth.

The Bourgeoisie (Working Class)

Members of this socio-economic class are claimed to be the reason for and why there is myth.


These characters are embodiments of basic desires and conditions. Their struggles are human struggles--for respect, control, mercy, and approval.

Writers, Royalty

These people exist outside of the human experience. Other, more ordinary, people mythologize their experience.


These people incorrectly believe themselves to be superior to many within a culture. These people create and present myths about what they understand, how they should be viewed, and how others should view the world.

Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo

For these characters, image and meaning are interrelated. Through their celebrity, their persons suggest different things to society, some physical, and some political...

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