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Section 1, Part 1

• "The World of Wrestling" compares professional wrestling to real life and a theatrical performance.

• The wrestlers are its "players" and the competition stems from real human issues.

• Wrestling is not real, but a performance for the benefit of the audience portraying good vs evil.
• "The Roman in Films" deals with the superficiality of the media.

• The author argues that we put value on the Romans in "Julius Caesar" through their hairstyles and the ways in which they sweat.

Section 1, Part 2

• "The Writer on Holiday" is about writers taking a vacation, and how this experience is different than other professionals.

• The author discusses that it is his opinion the writer is seen as a mystical person, for what he does. He claims that if other people were to know that the writer writes because he has to, he would lose this special quality.
• "The 'Blue Blood' Cruise...

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