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Short Answer Questions

1. What prized possession does Werner Noth fear a slave woman will destroy due to carelessness?

2. What is the city in which Campbell, Jr. sits in jail waiting for his trial to begin?

3. When the narrator does not want to discuss politics when they are alone in his apartment, what does he ask Helga to ask him about instead?

4. How did the narrator say he ended up in Germany?

5. Which of the following is NOT a symbol that the narrator had drawn in the dust of his windowpanes:

Short Essay Questions

1. How and where does the narrator learn the lurid details of his father-in-law's death and what does the narrator find troubling about the article, besides the fact that it is about the death of someone he knows?

2. Describe Resi's reaction to the news that her dog must be killed.

3. Briefly explain the "Nation of Two" the narrator frequently mentions. What is its original meaning and what does it signify to the narrator personally?

4. Where and in what kind of place does the narrator live while he is in hiding?

5. Describe the narrator's lifestyle while he is in hiding. How does he live and from where does he get his income?

6. Of what does the Haifa Institute consider Heinz Schildknecht to be an expert and why?

7. Why was Lionel Jones sent to prison (before he became acquainted with the narrator), and based on what evidence?

8. What is the significance of the leather strap that Bernard Mengel mentions?

9. Describe the Free American Corps. What was its purpose and how successful was it?

10. What is Abraham Epstein's mother hoping to prove when she speaks to the narrator in German?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In your opinion, does Howard Campbell ever redeem himself for his crimes? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Adolf Eichmann plans to use the defense that he was just following orders and is, therefore, not personally responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews. Discuss this defense and whether it is ever acceptable.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss friendships in the novel such as the friendships the narrator has with Heinz Schildknecht and George Kraft. Consider the role of deception in these and other relationships in the novel.

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