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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the narrator first see the woman he thinks is Helga when they are reunited?

2. Which description best fits the narrator's New York home?

3. Arpad Kovacs was personally congratulated by __________, whom he would have killed had he known how important he was.

4. Why do Resi's dog and Mrs. Noth have "fat" bellies?

5. How did the narrator lose Helga?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the Western Hemisphere University of the Bible. What kind of courses were taught and how could one earn a degree there?

2. Why is Helga presumed to be dead?

3. What frequently occurs in the little park outside the narrator's window that would often get his attention, and what is the significance of this?

4. Where and in what kind of place does the narrator live while he is in hiding?

5. How and where does the narrator learn the lurid details of his father-in-law's death and what does the narrator find troubling about the article, besides the fact that it is about the death of someone he knows?

6. Describe the Free American Corps. What was its purpose and how successful was it?

7. Why was Lionel Jones sent to prison (before he became acquainted with the narrator), and based on what evidence?

8. Explain why the narrator thinks Helga is "amazingly well-preserved."

9. What is the gist of Bernard O'Hare's letter to the narrator?

10. In chapter one, where is the narrator? Why is he there and what is he doing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Some of the younger characters in the novel, such as Dr. Epstein and the narrator's Israeli-born guard, think discussing what happened in the death camps pointless or irrelevant. Discuss whether these attitudes are healthy examples of people trying to get on with their lives and not be burdened by the past or a troubling example of living in denial.

Essay Topic 2

Why do you think the narrator decides to commit suicide once the fact that he was an American spy is verified and he is no longer wanted for war crimes? Discuss reasons you believe the narrator would prefer to end his life rather than begin a new life as a free man.

Essay Topic 3

Mother Night is a fictionalized account related to real events. Discuss whether you think works like Mother Night help us to understand historical events better or if pure historical accounts alone are sufficient. You may want to discuss whether historical novels have a place in a history class or belong only in a literature course.

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