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Short Answer Questions

1. Arpad Kovacs despises Jews who did not do what?

2. What famous speech does Goebbels, Head of the German Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda, find particularly impressive?

3. What childish phrase does the Blue Fairy Godmother tell the narrator that he should not expect to hear for himself?

4. Why did the narrator and his mother begin to avoid each other?

5. What is the reason the magazine article states that the slave laborers hanged Werner Noth?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Lionel Jones sent to prison (before he became acquainted with the narrator), and based on what evidence?

2. What happened to members of the Sonderkommando when their job was done? How were they replaced?

3. Why is Helga presumed to be dead?

4. What effect does the narrator's broadcast have on Werner Noth?

5. How does information regarding the narrator's whereabouts end up in The White Christian Minuteman?

6. How and where does the narrator learn the lurid details of his father-in-law's death and what does the narrator find troubling about the article, besides the fact that it is about the death of someone he knows?

7. Explain why the narrator thinks Helga is "amazingly well-preserved."

8. In chapter one, where is the narrator? Why is he there and what is he doing?

9. What does Robert Wilson, the Black Fuehrer of Harlem, mean when he says that he and the narrator were on "opposite" sides? Provide some explanation as to why Wilson chose the side he did.

10. Where and in what kind of place does the narrator live while he is in hiding?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the concept of patriotism as presented in the novel compared to your own idea of patriotism. Give your definition of patriotism and discuss what you think patriotism means to some of the characters in the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Adolf Eichmann says he plans to use the defense that he was just a soldier following orders. Discuss whether this is a sufficient defense in a war crimes hearing or trial.

Essay Topic 3

Consider Howard and Helga's "Nation of Two." Is such a concept a good idea for a couple, a family, or even a single person? Discuss pros and cons of small groups or individuals considering themselves to be their own nation.

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