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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the subject of a note Eichmann sends to the narrator when they are both in jail?
(a) Whether the narrator has any stock in the company that made Cyklon-B.
(b) If the narrator thinks he's a bad person.
(c) Whether having a literary agent is necessary.
(d) If saying he's sorry will cause the jury to go easy on him.

2. What is George Kraft frantically searching for when he returns to the narrator's apartment?
(a) A diamond engagement ring.
(b) His bottle of whiskey.
(c) The phone number of someone who wants to buy his paintings.
(d) His corncob pipe.

3. The narrator compares the way "big Nazis" dance to what fictional character?
(a) Donald Duck.
(b) Winnie the Pooh.
(c) Betty Boop.
(d) Mickey Mouse.

4. What is Helga's present to the narrator when they are reunited?
(a) A motorcycle just like the one he borrowed from Heinz.
(b) His collected works of poems, stories, plays, letters, and one unpublished book.
(c) The silver-hilted dagger that he had designed himself.
(d) Her father's blue vase.

5. What is one of the first things the narrator says after he wakes up from the beating?
(a) (To Resi) Who are you?
(b) I've joined the Hottentots!
(c) I gotta stop drinking.
(d) Did somebody get the number of the bus that ran over me?

Short Answer Questions

1. Which actor does the G-man say should play the role of George Kraft in a movie?

2. What does the narrator mean when he says, "alles kaput"?

3. If someone wished to purchase a copy of Memoirs of a Monogamous Casanova with color illustrations, how much extra would it cost?

4. Regarding Stepan Bodovskov's finding of the narrator's trunk, Frank Wirtanen says he had a trunkful of . . .

5. What is the main reason the Iron Guard boys have their mothers alter their suits instead of going to a tailor?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does George Kraft say he wants to start a new life with the narrator and Resi?

2. Describe Lazlo Szombathy, the man who uses the rope intended for the narrator. What had he done in his native country and after coming to America?

3. Where does Helga say she found the collection of the narrator's works? What is the significance of this place?

4. According to Frank Wirtanen, why do the Russians want to get their hands on the narrator?

5. What does the narrator tell Frank Wirtanen that he may have done with his life if Germany had won the war?

6. Summarize the key points of the narrator's radio address that was played at the Iron Guard meeting.

7. What does Frank Wirtanen say will happen to Jones, Keeley, the Black Fuehrer, and the Iron Guardsmen after the raid?

8. Why does the narrator say he "froze" after he is released after the raid?

9. Describe the encounter between Werner von Braun and the narrator when they meet in New York?

10. Describe the appearance of the Iron Guardsmen.

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