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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Arpad Kovacs says he joined the Nazi S.S. The S.S. is famous for being what?
(a) A spy organization.
(b) The most fanatical wing of Nazism.
(c) The only branch of the Nazi party that allowed Jews in its ranks.
(d) The group that cooperated with Allied forces to kill Hitler.

2. What does Helga say is the reason she did not get in touch with the narrator when she learned of his whereabouts?
(a) Her sister had lied to her and said that he wouldn't be interested in seeing her.
(b) She did not have enough money to send a telegram or even buy a stamp for a letter.
(c) She had hoped the narrator had built a new life.
(d) She had taken another lover by then and did not want to hurt him.

3. Friedmann is the director of what?
(a) The Haifa Institute for Documentation of War Criminals.
(b) The prison where Campbell is incarcerated.
(c) The Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem.
(d) The Nazi S.S.

4. Which description does NOT apply to Lionel Jones?
(a) Failed dental student.
(b) Inventor.
(c) Owner of a fake divinity school.
(d) Radio talk show host.

5. Where does the narrator first see the woman he thinks is Helga when they are reunited?
(a) On a train platform.
(b) Across the room at a party.
(c) In her hospital room.
(d) At the bottom of the stairwell in his building.

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator is a native of which country?

2. With what American expression is the narrator not familiar when he first meets Frank Wirtanen?

3. Why does the narrator say Heinz's wife was hard to know?

4. How many brothers and sisters does the narrator have?

5. Which country did Robert, the limousine driver, support during the war?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the narrator describe The White Christian Minuteman and what is his reaction to it arriving in his mailbox?

2. Describe Resi's reaction to the news that her dog must be killed.

3. How and where does the narrator learn the lurid details of his father-in-law's death and what does the narrator find troubling about the article, besides the fact that it is about the death of someone he knows?

4. Where and in what kind of place does the narrator live while he is in hiding?

5. What is the significance of the leather strap that Bernard Mengel mentions?

6. What is Goebbels' response to Lincoln's Gettysburg Address?

7. How does information regarding the narrator's whereabouts end up in The White Christian Minuteman?

8. What is Arpad Kovacs response when he reads the contents of one of Campbell's radio broadcasts?

9. Briefly explain the "Nation of Two" the narrator frequently mentions. What is its original meaning and what does it signify to the narrator personally?

10. Why had Father Keeley been "unfrocked"?

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