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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a revelation that Mr. Noth, Helga's father, reveals to the narrator:
(a) He had opposed the marriage between Helga and the narrator.
(b) He would have had the narrator shot if he found out he was a spy.
(c) Helga is not really his daughter.
(d) The narrator made him unashamed to be a Nazi.

2. According to the narrator, what was the only thing about Helga that had changed since he last saw her?
(a) She suffered from dementia and did not know who he was.
(b) Her hair had become snowy white.
(c) She was blind.
(d) She had gained a lot of weight.

3. The narrator tells Epstein's mother that "auf wiedersehen" means "goodbye" in German, but she corrects him by telling him it more precisely means:
(a) Both hello and goodbye.
(b) Go with God.
(c) Peace be upon you.
(d) Until we meet again.

4. Why do Resi's dog and Mrs. Noth have "fat" bellies?
(a) They both suffer from a condition known as "dropsy" as a result of malnutrition.
(b) They had stuffed themselves with all the food in the house before invading armies could steal it.
(c) They are both wearing heavy sweaters with lots of padding to stay warm.
(d) They are both pregnant.

5. What made Goebbels think that Abraham Lincoln might be Jewish?
(a) He looked Jewish in his photographs.
(b) He was a lawyer.
(c) He was sympathetic to non-whites.
(d) "Abraham" sounds like a Jewish name.

6. Andor Gutman tells the narrator that music played through the loud speakers all day long at the prison camp, but was occasionally interrupted by the phrase, "Leichentrager zu Wache." What does "Leichentrager zu Wache" mean?
(a) Prisoners return to work.
(b) Corpse-carriers to the guardhouse.
(c) A train filled with prisoners is arriving.
(d) Take cover because the camp was going to be bombed.

7. What did the narrator receive in the mail after his address was published in the Minuteman?
(a) A notice from the IRS for unpaid taxes.
(b) A lot of hate mail.
(c) A letter from Helga.
(d) A lot of mail from supporters.

8. Which description does NOT apply to Lionel Jones?
(a) Failed dental student.
(b) Radio talk show host.
(c) Inventor.
(d) Owner of a fake divinity school.

9. What does the narrator do with his broom?
(a) Carves the handle with his wood-carving set.
(b) Offers to sweep the hallways of his building in exchange for rent.
(c) Hits an attacker over the head with it.
(d) Gives it to his neighbor's daughter who wanted to dress as a witch for Halloween.

10. The Blue Fairy Godmother tells the narrator that to do his job right, he will have to:
(a) Commit high treason.
(b) Convince everyone he is Jewish.
(c) Earn the trust of the leader of a white supremacist group.
(d) Kill his best friend.

11. Which characteristic does NOT describe Howard W. Campbell, Jr.'s father?
(a) World War I veteran.
(b) Son of a Baptist minister.
(c) Engineer for General Electric.
(d) Raised in Tennessee.

12. After the war, how many years did the narrator live in New York?
(a) One.
(b) Twenty-five.
(c) Seven.
(d) Fifteen.

13. Arpad Kovacs was personally congratulated by __________, whom he would have killed had he known how important he was.
(a) Adolph Eichmann.
(b) Adolph Hitler.
(c) General George S. Patton.
(d) Winston Churchill.

14. Why does the narrator say Heinz's wife was hard to know?
(a) She only spoke Dutch, a language the narrator does not know.
(b) She was a nonstop talker.
(c) Everything she said was a lie.
(d) She never spoke to anyone unless she had to.

15. What grim task does Werner Noth ask the narrator to do?
(a) Give him a ride to Berlin so he can attend his best friend's funeral.
(b) Burn the carcass of his favorite horse before slave laborers begin to feast upon it.
(c) Shoot Resi's dog.
(d) Help him compose an eloquent suicide note.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a symbol that the narrator had drawn in the dust of his windowpanes:

2. What is the White Christian Minuteman?

3. Who is the "Blue Fairy Godmother"?

4. What is the city in which Campbell, Jr. sits in jail waiting for his trial to begin?

5. In what year does Howard Campbell write his story?

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