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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 43-45.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the war crime that Howard Campbell stands accused of?
(a) Delivering orders of Cyklon-B to the death camps.
(b) Mistreating Allied POWs at a prison camp.
(c) Spying on America.
(d) Promoting Nazi propaganda.

2. During the raid, Lionel Jones denounces several groups of people. The G-man declares he is a member of one of the groups. Which one?
(a) Jews.
(b) Catholics.
(c) Unitarians.
(d) Mormons.

3. What does the narrator do with his broom?
(a) Hits an attacker over the head with it.
(b) Gives it to his neighbor's daughter who wanted to dress as a witch for Halloween.
(c) Carves the handle with his wood-carving set.
(d) Offers to sweep the hallways of his building in exchange for rent.

4. The narrator say his plays were medieval romances and as political as ____________.
(a) Apple pie.
(b) Vanilla ice-cream.
(c) Chocolate éclairs.
(d) Crème Brûlée.

5. The narrator is upset when he finds out that Armistice Day had been changed to . . .
(a) Memorial Day.
(b) Independence Day.
(c) Veterans' Day.
(d) Labor Day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What famous speech does Goebbels, Head of the German Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda, find particularly impressive?

2. What unique symbol is on Campbell's typewriter given to him in the Jerusalem prison?

3. How did the narrator lose Helga?

4. What does the narrator say is a "snaggle-toothed thought machine"?

5. To the narrator, the imaginary lines of international borders are as unreal as . . .

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