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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 37-39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bernard Mengel tells the narrator that he (the narrator) is the only man he has heard of who . . .
(a) Worked for the Nazis while also being an American spy.
(b) Joined the Nazi S.S. even though he was a Jew.
(c) Was able to stay in hiding for as long as he did.
(d) Has a bad conscience about what he did during the war.

2. What does Wirtanen tell the narrator that George Kraft had planned to do to him?
(a) Leave him all his worldly possessions.
(b) Kill him and tell the media the job was done by Israeli assassins.
(c) Steal Resi from him.
(d) Kidnap him from Mexico and take him to Russia.

3. Bernard Mengel, who guards the narrator at night, tells the narrator he does what in his sleep?
(a) Sleepwalks.
(b) Cries.
(c) Snores and grinds his teeth.
(d) Says the names of two women and talks about a city.

4. What is unusual about Father Keeley's prayer at the Iron Guard meeting?
(a) It is offered to Satan.
(b) It sounds as if Keeley is "speaking in tongues."
(c) At the end of each sentence in the prayer, the Black Fuehrer beats a drum.
(d) It is a Jewish Seder prayer.

5. What is the "Last Full Measure" to which the narrator refers?
(a) A musical measure in an opera written in honor of Paul Joseph Goebbels.
(b) The last train full of Jewish prisoners to arrive at Auschwitz.
(c) The working title of a play commemorating the German soldiers who died putting down the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto.
(d) The last time the crematories at Auschwitz were emptied of bodies before Allied forces freed the camp.

Short Answer Questions

1. What fact does the narrator never reveal to his wife?

2. Andor Gutman tells the narrator that music played through the loud speakers all day long at the prison camp, but was occasionally interrupted by the phrase, "Leichentrager zu Wache." What does "Leichentrager zu Wache" mean?

3. Who was Private Irving Buchanon?

4. Where does Helga claim she located the trunk filled with many of the narrator's things?

5. In one of her final statements, Resi says of the narrator, "There is nothing left of him but __________ and a pair of eyes."

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